A good website for your company is a necessity in 2019; it is no longer a luxury. Even if you have a site, it does not mean that it is useful in attracting your potential customers and ultimately provides you with sales. There is some reason why your website is not as performant as it should be. Here are our top 5 reason why site fails at delivering value.

Mobile friendly website

We now live in a digital world; everybody owns a smartphone. It is so easy to communicate with the technology we have nowadays. Unfortunately not all business website is mobile friendly.If your site is not optimized for mobile, this means that the user is less likely to engage with your contents and deliver an inferior experience to the user. Sparkle seo specialist can help optimize your website for mobile users.Browsing the web from the desktop is entirely different from a mobile phone. Images and videos are smaller on phones and tablets, so it needs to accommodate the devices being used. Make sure you use a theme that has responsive design. To make sure that your site is mobile friendly, check Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Solve a problem

Your website needs to provide real value to the user. Most people search the internet to find a solution to problems they are facing. They want to look for answers. Providing excellent and fresh content can help users solve their problems. Keep your post short and concise. Include images and videos where possible to enhance the user experience, as visually is more potent than words. A picture is worth a thousand words. This can also help in your SEO and appear higher on the search results. SEO Newcastle provides seo services that can improve your visibility on the search engines.

List essential information

You will be surprised to know that so many businesses do not provide their vital information on their website, or it is challenging to find their contact details. There is no excuse for not providing these to your customers. Contact details for a phone number, address and email address should be listed on the homepage. Donít forget to fill in your About US page and your opening hours. Write a good description of your company and describe the services that you are providing to your clients.

Website speed

Clients expect a website to be fast and loads information quickly. Studies have shown that the longer the loading page, the more likely the user is not going to revisit the site. In fact, 48% of consumers expect website to load in just 3 seconds or less. You can use tools like GTmetrix or Pingdom† to test the speed of your site. These tools provide excellent insight and tips how you can improve the performance of your site.

Fix broken links.

Some web pages that have plenty of ad banners does not build trust or credibility to the consumers. Worse, some site plays music or video automatically when you enter. Keep your site fresh, and up-to-date is essential. You do not need to update your website every month but try updating and fixing issues on your site at least every three months. Make sure that you fix all broken links; people do not like going to pages that do not work. Ensure all your site URLs are working correctly and your website will have a long life.

5 Tips to make your website seo friendly

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